March 4, 2007

A Scandal in Bohemia

Watched "A Scandal in Bohemia" under "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes" series made by John Hawkesworth for the British television in 1984 and briliantly directed by Paul Annett.

Jeremy Brett (as Holmes) fits the memorable Sir Arthur Conan Doyles' character as a glove. Infact Brett has long been regarded by many as the definitive screen personification of Sherlock Holmes. David Burke (as Dr. John Watson) fits in the role of the great detectives undoubtful companion. Rosalie Williams (as Mrs. Hudson), plays the role of the long-suffering housekeeper of Holmes' Baker Street rooms. And finally the beautiful Gayle Hunnicutt (as Irene Adler) plays her role to perfection.

The scenes where Brett dons the roles of a groom and later a clergyman were great. The ease with which he simply changes his entire personality with his disguises is noteworthy. And finally the music, art direction and costumes take us into the late 19th century London.

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