April 5, 2007

Sleepy Hollow

Movie: Sleepy Hollow
Release Date: November 1999
Run Time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Director: Tim Burton
Cinematography: Emmanuel Lubezki

Cast: Johnny Depp (Ichabod Crane)
Christina Ricci (Katrina Van Tassel)
Miranda Richardson (Lady Van Tassel/Crone)
Christopher Walken (Hessian Horseman)

Tagline: Heads Will Roll

Oscar History: Won Oscar for Best Art Direction and was also nominated in Best Cinematography and Best Costume Design categories.

In 1799, young constable Ichabod Crane (Johnny Depp) is sent from New York City to Sleepy Hollow to investigate a series of ghoulish murders.

On Ichabod's arrival, the town council inform him that victims were killed on open ground and their severed heads are believed to have been taken by a headless horseman ghost. Although Ichabod is initially spooked by the story, he maintains the killer must be of flesh and blood, and will be found.

When Ichabod witnesses the ghost kill one of the town council members, his skepticism evaporates. He soon discovers that the horseman's ghost has an unholy connection to Baltus Van Tassel, a wealthy farmer and Sleepy Hollow's last remaining plutocrat, whose daughter Katrina (Christina Ricci) Ichabod is falling in love with.

Ichabold is revealed that the horseman is being controlled and is being summoned to commit the murders. During his investigations, he finds the site of the horseman's grave and discover his skull missing. At first, Ichabod is convinced it is Katrina's work, and he is also convinced that she is trying to curse him.

However, Lady Van Tassel (Miranda Richardson), the stepmother of Katrina, actually stole the horseman's head and is using it to control him. She summons the horseman to get her revenge upon the landlords of Sleepy Hollow who evicted her family, and she later summons him again to gain an inheritance by killing Katrina.

Ichabod rescues Katrina and returns the head to the horseman. The horseman then returns to his realm, taking Lady Van Tassel with him. Ichabod returns to New York along with Katrina.

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